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Couples Counselling 

In my role as a couples counsellor,

I enable everyone to express their 

feelings in a safe and secure environment.


Couples can be faced with 

challenges that seem insurmountable. 


In the sessions we aim to establish new connections, rules and boundaries through skilful mediation. 


"When my husband and I first started sessions with Stephen, we were both filled with a lot of negative emotions, sadness, anger and  helplessness. 

It was extremely challenging to persuade him to even start the counselling because of the negative associations, embarrassment and feelings that there was no point. 

However we did start the process and it was very positive at the start but quickly became an emotional rollercoaster and we would often leave feeling either really positive or extremely deflated.

At times we questioned whether we could ever get through the other side and still be together. However we did understand that to deal with our problems, we had to address them, meaning we had to be honest and unearth alot of difficult memories.


After a lot of hard work,  we where really happy when we decided that the process had come to a natural end and it was now up to us to use the resources that Stephen had equipped us with to deal with our issues. 

We left the final session feeling really hopeful and although we understand there will still be difficulties ahead, we are now alot happier, we are kinder to each other, communicating better and planing our future together". K.W. & N.C

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