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MA, BA.Hons, PGCE 

Diploma in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy 

Member of:

  • British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

  • Individual member of United Kingdom Association for Transactional Analysis (UKATA) 

  • Individual member European Association for Transactional Analysis (EATA) 

Eden Therapy

Hello, thanks for visiting the site. If you are thinking about taking that first step come for an initial introductory appointment for £35. There's no obligation, just an opportunity to explore the potential for change. 


In 13 years as a Psychotherapist I have come to understand the individual nature of each client. Some clients prefer the spoken word, others enjoy alternative forms of communication such as drawing or writing to help them explore their feelings.


I taught Art and Design for 28 years and continue to be a visual artist

Art brings balance into my life. 

I also spend time writing, reflecting and exploring the world around me. 


I have known Steve in a professional capacity and personally for over eleven years.


I can vouch that counselling has played a very important role in his life and behaviour he has had extensive training in Transactional Analysis.


This coupled with his naturally gentle and nurturing nature, make him a good person to go to during those times in life where you may need extra support.” A.T.

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