• Stephen Murphy

The Therapist takes a holiday#summer#sunshine#seaside#montegnegro

Holi day2. So at the start of a holiday what is it I want? What’s behind the expense? This need, this must have, is it important? Is it necessary? If so why? Am I fooling myself into having a good time or is the need to escape the strongest drive? Escape from what? Who and why?

9:32 AM - 5 Jul 2018

Holi day3. Get away from it all. This time sun sea sand good food, why do tomato’s taste better along with all other salad produce. What do I want? Relax read eat swim something completely different from day to day mundane. Taxless drift away to the sound of the sea magic breathtaking.

Holi day4. Is it really necessary? Or a I fooling myself? Answer yes it is, to free myself up, wether that’s walking climbing sitting exploring, not that SO MANY THINGS BEFORE I DIE but take stock, be with myself become conscious of me my body and my pace of mind to slow to stop!

Holi day5. How we quickly fall into routines self examination drifts into dreams of the past the here and now the future. Tripping through my life like a time traveller who doesn’t know we’re the dial has moved floating back and forth all those different aspects of my life in view.

Holi day6. Recall compare discuss holidays past and a real need to get back in the moment in this place of fantasy, with its facade of reality a real escape manufactured away from preoccupations to a place were we can lock ourselves out. Paradise looking back at me very necessary.

Holi day7. This is not the last day just the start of a new one. How healthy it feels, a little colour on the skin, fresh fruit, fish and strong coffee. All is good, last day so stressless as movements, words, pace have all found there new place that has brought clarity home to me.