• Stephen Murphy

Therapy is Belief in Change

So many people ask me what is the point of therapy, there not being rude but are curious about the reasons people go to therapy and exactly what happens.

Its such a difficult question with so many answers and reasons for being brave and opening the door to therapy, as we are all complicated and individua,l its hard to know where to begin or in fact end in respect to that question.

I often start by explaining that at some point in everyones life they find a need for change but can find themselves in a bad place or simply stuck. In the therapy room we work towards change and helping those that wish to move forward in a positive and sometimes life changing way.

Change is always at the heart of what we do, change for the better how ever difficult that journey maybe, the therapist is there with you all the way, thats their job and it is always a real privilege to go with you on that journey.

Stephen Murphy